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Waiving moral rights – 3D Printing

The CC licensed f-f-fiddle is available for purchase now, although I’m afraid it’s full sized. I. The world is fucked. It’s no secret. We wake up, go to twitter and watch the latest videos of children being slaughtered and mutilated … Continue reading

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Makerbot blatantly steals and patents a community design.

In a stunning display of madness, makerbot industries files a patent application on a mechanism clearly derived from content created by their users. What’s almost worse is the article they wrote praising the invention, presumably while they were filing the … Continue reading

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Will 3D printing survive patents?

The 3D printing revolutions is only just beginning. But why is it only just beginning now? The modern 3D printing craze is all about FFF (fused filament fabrication) based 3D printers. It’s brought the price of 3D printing down from … Continue reading

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