Are IR LED strips better then bulbs?

Some quick research when I was trying to find out if IR led strips are more efficient the conventional IR bulbs.

LED strip input voltage 4.8w/m

24 watts for 5 meters.

850nm spectrum – 940nm

Infrared bulbs are from 780nm-1400nm

Typical LED efficiency is 72% in red, 98% in red-orange, 93% in green.

Magical new IR LED (2012) is 72% efficient.

Typical (bulb) heaters are “up to” 86% efficient.

Water absorbs 3000nm best.

LED’s don’t get close to that. I’d say that puts the last nail in this coffin.

Black-body energy is a lower frequency if the bulb is hotter.
We can probably produce IR at a pretty high efficiency, compared to other parts of the spectrum.

Go with a bulb.

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